2016 Hedge apple season is over.  We will have no more hedge apples until late July 2017 (approx).  Hedge apples start falling from the trees in late September/early October.  By the end of October, they are mostly gone and/or of poor quality.  We end our season at that time.

Hedge apples work well for organic pest and insect control including repelling spiders, crickets, cockroaches and boxelder bugs. They are a safe pest control alternative to chemicals. So if you need some spider control but don’t want the harsh chemicals, take advantage of our hedge apples and get yours today! Hedge apples also make attractive decor for your home or special event. Click for Pinterest hedge apple decorating ideas.

Each medium or large size Priority Rate box is packed with as many hedge apples as we can get in the box. The count will vary from depending on the size of the hedge apples in each box.

We ship within 2 business days of receipt of order, weather permitting. Please see our ordering page for more shipping information.

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